Partnerships in the U.S.A.

The Knapp Center for Childhood Development team has partnered with multiple agencies across the United States and United States Territories in order to provide in depth training and supervision of Applied Behavior Analysis to other ABA teams. This is done by providing training, ongoing supervision and treatment consultation via the HIPPA secure website. Training consists of utilizing tips sheets to break down the “do’s and “don’ts” of ABA strategies, written feedback back after a Board Certified Behavior Analyst reviews video(s) of the child’s therapist implementing ABA therapy and strategies and in vivo supervision through the HIPPA secure website. In addition, the Knapp Center team will develop ABA training webinars for parents and therapists to review as needed on ABA strategies.
Partnerships have included providing training to psychologists and teachers in the Virgin Islands on the methodologies of Applied Behavior Analysis and how to make a state of the art ABA Program. This also included follow-up supervision of treatment until therapists demonstrated reliability of implementation of ABA.
The Knapp Center is currently partnered with the Donovan Center and Day School in Massachusetts and provides supervision of implementation of ABA curriculum and continual monitoring and development of each child’s treatment plan, behavior plan (when applicable) and program progress.
to Board Certified Autism Technicians.

When necessary, the Knapp Center team will obtain the appropriate licenses in order to provide services