Remote Program


The Knapp Center for Childhood Development provides remote supervision and training of parents and therapists who are implementing Applied Behavior Analysis with children, adolescents and young adults. The focus of the Remote Supervision / Training program is on providing training in the form of in-vivo supervision via a HIPPA secure video conferencing platform, written feedback and/or training webinars provided to the family and/or therapist(s).

Each patient in the program is immediately placed on a skill building treatment plan and a behavior reduction treatment plan if necessary after data is collected on behaviors and antecedent strategies have been implemented. The skill building treatment plan outlines individualized specific goals for improving development of the child. The behavioral reduction treatment plan outlines those problematic behaviors (i.e. aggression, self-harm, noncompliance) that impede the therapists and / or parent’s ability to manage, teach and their child in the home, school and community setting(s). The behavioral reduction treatment plan will outline specific behavioral interventions that will be implemented to replace and/or reduce/eliminate the disruptive behavior. A Board Certified Behavior Analyst supervises all skill and behavior plans.


The objective of the Remote Training and Supervision Program is to enable parents and therapists who live in a rural area, or an area lacking ABA services and / or the availability of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst to provide supervision of ABA services, to gain the skills necessary to implement an effective ABA program.

Parent and therapist training is an integral part of the Remote Training and Supervision Program and includes in-vivo trainings and/or webinars. The following topics are covered in these trainings: ABA 101, managing and decreasing problematic behaviors, increasing communication opportunities, providing consistent sleep hygiene, building a support system, increasing food acceptance and much more.
Supervision and assessment occur at regular intervals by a Pediatric Neuropsychologist and Board Certified Behavior Analyst to ensure appropriate treatment goals and interventions are selected to ensure optimal progress and success.


Participants are typically diagnosed with significant developmental delays, anxiety, genetic disorders, autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, or severe behavior problems which impact their ability to reach normal developmental milestones and function appropriately or to their optimal potential in a typical school or the home environment.


Staff of the Remote Supervision and Training Program includes:

  • 1:1 therapists assigned to the child, either provided by the Knapp Center, partnering school / center or the child’s family.
  • The child’s 1:1 therapist will work with the child during each treatment session to implement ABA curriculum programs and ABA strategies
  • BCBA who will provide supervision and training to the 1:1 therapist and parents.
  • Pediatric neuropsychologist who supervises each child’s treatment, oversees all diagnostic and treatment assessments, and coordinates care with physicians.