International Program

The Knapp Center welcomes international patients and are willing to help patients temporarily relocate to the United States for ABA treatment. Recently, we supported applications to the United States Embassy for families traveling from Egypt to the United States for 6-12 months in order to receive ABA treatment for their child with autism. One family in particular has been successful in gaining temporary Visas for the past 3 years in order to stay in the United States and continue to receive treatment that has been successful for their child.

The Knapp Center has supported families in locating apartments, supplies and schooling. The staff works with the child in the school and in the family’s temporary home. We train the parents in ABA methodologies and depending on security alerts within a given country, we have sent staff back to the family’s original country in order to provide ABA treatment when there are time gaps in the renewal of Visas and transitioning the family back home.
Alternatively, for international patients who cannot stay in the United States for an extended time period in order to receive treatment, we offer remote treatment which includes receiving the treatment in your home country via a HIPPA secure website and remote supervision. This may involve the family visiting the United States for 2-3 weeks for intensive ABA training that will be 40-45 hours per week. The family must bring the child with them and the person who will be responsible for delivering the treatment back in the home country after training has occurred. The Knapp Center will complete baseline assessments in order to understand the child’s strengths and weaknesses, create the ABA curriculum / treatment program for the child (based on their test results) and then train the parent and person responsible for delivering treatment once back home on how to implement the ABA treatment program. Once the family returns to their home country, the Knapp Center staff provides weekly supervision sessions via the HIPPA secure website in order to observe the child’s treatment, give on-going consultation and treatment suggestions to the person implementing the program and will continue to send new programming to the family as the child masters old programming. In some cases, depending on security alerts within a given country, the Knapp Center is willing to send staff to the patient’s home country every few months in order to provide hands-on treatment and training.
The Knapp Center team has collaborated with ABA teams in Japan, Belgium and Egypt.
In addition to the services described above, the Knapp Center has collaborated with ABA teams across the United States.