Home Services

Within the Knapp Center’s ABA Outreach Program, Registered Behavior Technicians are available to provide ABA services within a child’s home. This allows for parents/caregivers to be present during treatment sessions as the RBT and BCBA model interventions and teaching strategies that will help to reduce problematic behaviors by reinforcing appropriate behaviors instead. Home sessions may be comprised of 1:1 discrete trial training sessions to increase receptive, expressive and pragmatic language, social interactions, academic and adaptive skills. This may include intervention to teach a child vocal speech, PECS, use of an AAC device or ASL, teaching them to recognize the non-verbal social behaviors of themselves and others, improving their ability to initiate and sustain conversations with others, improving basic hygiene skills, and many other skills that are necessary for optimal development. Depending on the child’s age and goals selected, they may be learning functional skills for independent living such as how to make new foods, complete household chores, purchasing items or practice vocational skills that will prepare them to transition to college or their first job. These types of tasks can be complex, and since each child learns at their own pace, the Knapp Center staff assist to teach the child these skills step by step until they demonstrate the ability to complete all steps independently. ABA Outreach Home Services are appropriate for parents/caregivers that are looking for assistance in managing their child’s problematic behaviors such as aggression toward self or others, property destruction, self-stimulatory behaviors, difficulty with changes in routines, etc.