Community Services

Within the Knapp Center’s ABA Outreach Program, Registered Behavior Technicians provide ABA services within the community in order for children to practice targeted skills in many different environments. Targeted skills may include making purchases at a grocery store, placing an order at a restaurant, going to the movies, etc. The Knapp Center’s ABA Outreach Community Services are also appropriate for adolescents that are preparing to go on to college or apply for their first job. Programs are designed to teach individuals to complete job applications, complete mock interview and to perform the task of the job that the individual desires. Registered Behavior Technicians are also available to accompany the individual to a job site to work on developing competency and fluency in their responsibilities. Targeted skills may initially be practiced in the home and once they are achieved, it is necessary to practice those skills in the community, adding in distractions and variables that allow for problem solving and gradual fading of assistance.