Discrete Trial Instruction

The Enrichment program embeds discrete trial instruction across 46% of the learners’ day. Discrete Trial Instruction (DTI) is a method of teaching in simplified and structured steps. Instead of teaching a complex task all at once, the skill is broken down using discrete trials. The various skills that are taught during this time include the areas of academic, expressive and receptive language, behavioral and emotional regulation, social and play, and adaptive skills. More detail of the specific areas can be found in the Knapp Center Curriculum. Within the Enrichment program the learner receives discrete trial training in both the morning and afternoon with their one-on-one Registered Behavior Technician. The incorporation of Discrete Trial Instruction is a critical component in building skill acquisition and fluency. With the combination of both DTT and Natural Environment Training(NET), the learner will be provided with the necessary training and skills to be effective within school setting.