Resource Guide

The Knapp Center for Childhood Development has developed a local resource guide for assisting families in finding local providers for treating their child on the autism spectrum. The providers listed in this guide have all confirmed that they work with children with autism and are accepting current referrals. This guide is frequently updated, as the providers in our tri-county area confirm their specialty and agreement in treating the children referred by the Knapp Center. We, by no means, intend to leave any provider out who specializes in treating children on the autism spectrum. We have every intention of providing families with a comprehensive list of all providers in our tri-county area. Thus, if you are a provider and your name is not listed in this guide, please send us an email (see our ‘contact us’ page on the website) and give us your permission to include you. If you are a family member accessing this guide, we hope you find this guide useful in locating much needed services. Please note that the Knapp Center does not endorse any specific provider or service in this manual, we are simply giving families their options for providers in our area.

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