About The Center

The Knapp Center for Childhood Development is the only fully evidenced based ABA program in our tri-county area.The Knapp Center opened in October 2011 as a diagnostic and treatment facility for children and youth with autism spectrum disorder. Our staff utilizes evidenced based methodology of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). All our staff are trained, certified and/or licensed in ABA and all our patients receive 1:1 care with our highly qualified staff.

Since our inception in 2011, the Knapp Center services have expanded to meet the needs of the community we serve. Below is our historical timeline of our milestones in our journey of serving those with autism.

The Knapp Center is dedicated to increasing awareness of autism, providing evidenced based treatment and advocating for the needs of children with autism and their families. We have remained true to our mission, which includes:

The mission of the Knapp Center for Childhood Development is to collaborate with individuals with developmental disabilities and their families to improve overall quality of life and community inclusion. The Center accomplishes this mission through individualized treatment programs, training, and workshops, advocacy, community partnerships, and measuring the outcomes of our programs in order to continuously improve the quality of care offered.